Coditation | Next Generation Engineering Partner


Product Engineering

Coditation Systems have proven track record and experience of end-to-end engineering of complex products and solutions. As an engineering partner, our focus is to align with the business roadmap of our customers and deliver high quality services.

Architectural Consulting

Coditation has a team of experienced architects and senior engineers, who have strong background of architecting complex products. We help our customers in defining theme of architecture, choosing right technology stack, thinking of scale, Development/QA workflows and DevOps strategy.

MVP Development

Startups with their new product idea or enterprise with their new innitiative, need to carry out iterative development and take MVP to their customers or stakeholders. Our broad and deep knowledge of technology, tools, frameworks and platforms helps in efficient development of MVPs.




Open Source Contribution: XMPP Module for React Native

Working with React Native, a relatively new Mobile App development ...


Using Node Modules with React Native

We have been working on a react-native application involving complex ...

Meet the Team

US Office: 3507 Palmilla Drive, Suite #2092

San Jose, CA 95134
India Office: Prasad, Ground Floor, Plot No 6

S.No 44/3 Gulmohar Path, Erandwane, Pune-4